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Tom Loved The Bike

The site is dedicated to the late Tom Robertson, his brilliant little Broughty Velo Cycle Racing Team, all those involved in cycling in Dundee and indeed to club cyclists everywhere in the late 1980s and early 90s. I think you could pretty much take these stories and find them repeated over the length and breadth of the country. It was I believe the end of a great era in biking - full field junior races, relatively quiet roads, no mobile phones, no understanding of political correctness and safety, and plenty of time for boily ups because there were no shops open on Sundays or evenings. The bike was our religion.

Tom Robertson 1920-2002

Tom RobertsonCraig WhittetJon CarterNick Kopp, your narratorDavid BoffeyAndy CairnsColin DouglasJonny FenwickAndy Brewster

Broughty Velo CRT doing their bit for charity circa 1987 (source Dundee Courier and Advertiser). From the left: Tom Robertson, Craig Whittet, Andy Brewster, Jon Carter, Mr. Alan Orr, Nick Kopp, Mr. John Grant, David Boffey, Mike Burnett, Andy Cairns, Colin Douglas, Johnny Fenwick,. Wave mouse over other cyclists for names and links.

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Steward Pritchard provides more great early photos and stories here
Early history of the BVCRT including photos and newspaper clippings.
Legendary Dunkeld Cafe Photo from 1990
1988 Spring Diaries - Over-training special with many Dundee riders mentioned
Alps trip May 2008 - some interesting rides in the Vercors Massif
Study the history.
Start reading the training diaries.

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