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1988 Summer


Under construction as they say...

TBD GS Corsa Evening Road Race series

AB - Andy B got crash of the year in 1988 for sliding off on gravel in Aberdeen RR. Drove 2hrs back to Dundee with blood-soaked towel wrapped round my thigh before going to A&E in Dundee (well I couldn't leave you lot stranded in Aberdeen without a driver !). Compared to other winners of the trophy it wasn't that much of a crash but my thigh, and my confidence on gravel, have never been the same since. I wonder where that trophy is now ?

AB -Derek Mcfadyen: how could I forget the 1988 1/2/3J Glentarkie RR, it was a classic, mainly because of the route but also because of a new tactic Derek unleashed on me: I got dropped by him on the steep 1:7 Glentarkie climb because of my constantly jumping indexed gears which he had sold me (as a complete gear set) in the Nicholsons shop 1-2 weeks earlier. Indexed gears were a fairly new thing in 1988, but he had told me "They will work together", little did I know it was actually 7 speed levers trying to work on a 6 speed cassette, so the chain wouldn't sit on the bigger cogs. He probably knew fine, as he rode off up the hill towards the prime, leaving me swearing. Very cunning that Macfadyen lad... Crazy thing was, despite all those climbs, the race almost ended in a bunch sprint if it were'nt for a daring solo attack 1km from the line by winner Eric Schlordt. It was one of the events that really put me off road racing - if a race like that can still re-group, there's no hope for a skinny climber like me !


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