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Berry, Sandy (aka SB): An almost mythical figure in Dundee circles. Impressed me before I even knew him or the Broughtly Velo CRT: once by his bizarre customer scaring antics in his bike shop in Broughty Ferry when I went in to get the answer to a cycling question in the TV Times magazine (no internet in those days), and again when I saw a cyclist tucked into the slipstream of a big truck going flat out along the Arbroath Road beside my parents’ house. For more biographical info of a sort about SB click here.

Brewster, Andy (aka Brewsterman, Bendy): Long time, great friend of mine. Andy attended Dundee High School - a public school where rugby was more the order of the day (see Craig Samson) and cycling was for pre-teens. Cycling was the perfect sport for Andy - with a long skinny body and legs he could ride the hills with the best. So many good memories with Andy that I don’t know where to begin to here is a random list of things:

  • Andy once had an inner tube with 20 patches
  • His legs were so thin that it looked like his skin tights were flared.
  • Like many riders in Dundee in the late 1980s, Andy rode a Raleigh Race replica then a Vitus. The head tube was huge and appeared to have a wiggle in it - most probably when Jim Brewster (no relation) had hammered the headset in.
  • Andy would drive his Mum’s red Ford Fiesta to the Aberdeen evening races with four bikes on the dodgy Broughtly Velo roof rack and we’d all need to lean on the bends to stop it turning over.
  • At the end of one long run that I missed, Andy was so knackered and dizzy that he lay upside down on the grass slope in front on the Timex factory, his bike alongside. A concerned car driver (way back when these people existed) stopped and asked if he’d crashed!.
  • Andy organized some great and often rather wild parties at his parents’ house when they were away. I’d stay over and we’d read old copies of Winning magazine in the morning. The first time Andy slept on the floor and I got his bed (very kind) and in the morning his Mum came back and looked in saying, “Hmm, you’re not Andrew.” At one time a lost digital watch used to beep once a day in his room and it was his chance to locate it - no matter what we were discussing he’d run frantically around the room searching.
  • He had a bike shed in his bedroom cupboard.
  • It took Andy three weeks to get fit from a base of almost nothing for an Alpine holiday in 1996. Never ever underestimate Andy on a hill or mountain.
  • When Andy blows he blows and then he needs very specific food in order to recover - like a bowl of cornflakes, two apples and a Nova bar (remember those?).
  • Rode a Raleigh Pulsar with aero seat tube, bottle and handlebars! 

Brewster, Jim (aka Peem): Rather grumpy ex-bike shop owner and father of Dundee football hero Craig Brewster. Peem ran Brewster’s Cycles in Lochee Road (or Logie Road to be exact). He was not best at public relations and most likely lost more sales that way than he made. Every Sunday when all the cyclists met at the Camperdown Gates for the club run, he’d examine all the bikes to see if anyone had bought parts mail order or worse still from the competing Nicholson’s Cycling Center. If you had then chances are that the next time you visited the shop he’d mutter and either refuse to repair your bike until the end of time or sell you something for double the normal cost. Items in Peem’s shop never had price labels, the price was simply invented on the spot depending on how much business you had put his way or how much of a kicking you’d given him the previous weekend. Peem was once famously spotted by a Dundee cyclist who was passing by on the bus wheeling a nice race bike (not bought from him) out of the shop and placing it against the wall while the bewildered guy followed (I think it was Ogilvie Meldrum).

Burnett, Mike: Mystical Cockney sounding character and all round good bloke. Another ex-Broughty Velo stalwart who ran the club along with Tom Robertson and Sandy Berry in the 1980s. Mike does a lot for the cycling scene especially in race organization and district duties, but his history and private life remain fuzzy which only adds to the whole character. This is further muddled by the fact that he has not appeared to have aged in the 20 years I’ve know him (Mike may disagree!). It has been reliably said that Mike was an English schools hill climb champion though his knee problems and weight make that tough to imagine these days. Mike also helped out by apparently having a nonstop stream of bike parts passing through his hands - he got so many people set up with bikes that a catch phrase evolved: “Hallo mate, want to buy a pair of wheels?”

Boffey, David:TBD

Brown, Phil: TBD

Berwick, George (aka Seamus McNasty): Legendary long distance, rough stuffer. Lives just across the silvery Tay from Dundee but rarely mixed it with the Dundee boys - was always more on his own or with his old Edinburgh club. Is best known for his epic 24 hour rides, extreme Audax events and rough stuff (see his excellent writing at http://www.rsf.org.uk). However he did manage a good placing just behind Jon Carter and Andy Brewster in a Carnoustie evening APR in 1987.

Black, Steve (aka Steve ‘Bullet’ Black): TBD

Baigrie, Pat Officious chap from Dundee Wheelers. Supposedly rode a bike once in awhile, but preferred donning a blazer, attending district and Scottish Cyclist Union meeting and upsetting and putting off people who wanted to race. Caused Andy Fenwick’s famous Raleigh Banana bike bending caper in 1988 and later that year tried to disqualify me and take away my one pound (!) prize in a time trial for supposedly drafting a guy I’d just caught for two minutes....

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