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Carter, Jonathan: Jon Carter and Nick Kopp met when Nick moved from Aberdeen to Dundee in 1976. They went to the same school together and lived quite close, too. In the early 80s they started riding their bikes a bit further than round the garden or between each others homes. In 1986 Jon decided to join the Dundee’s Broughty Velo C.R.T. The name put Nick off as he strictly was a fun cyclist, but Jon said let’s just try it. The club rooms were a hundred meters from his home at the time in Brook Street, Broughty. Nick can therefore blame Jon for beginning his life long obsession!

Jon was famous for his powerful sprint, his La-Vie Clair jersey, poor climbing, getting cramp, his ‘indestructible’ Kirk Precision (aka Black and Dekker workmate) magnesium frame (whatever happened to them?) that took forever to be delivered, having Sandy Berry make a pair of wheels for him out of scraps in one hour that perhaps he still uses, winning a wee APR in Carnoustie, disappearing from biking and Dundee and being a great bloke.

He now lives in England with his wife and family and has long since swapped his bike for bass guitar

Crow, Don: Big strong guy in Broughty Velo CRT when I joined in 1986. He was perhaps in his 30s at that time though that seemed impossibly old to me. He was not much of a climber and most likely also “was crying” a few times according to the Tom Robertson legends.

Cairns, Andy: Rode an aerodynamic Raleigh Pulsar with the Broughty Velo CRT in late 1986 and early 1987. Good guy, bad acne.

Crowe, Steve TBD

Cassels, Steve: TBD

Cavin, Ian: Went to one of the worst schools in the land - Kirkton High. Logically considering Ian later went to university, was a strong bike riders and a great speed skater, he probably had more talent than the rest of his school year combined. Not surprisingly he also had a rather sarcastic and aggressive streak. This manifested itself physically in one of the silliest fights ever - against Tony Hastie after an APR night event. Both were in Look shoe plates. Nuff said.

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