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Hinault, Bernard: French hard bastard. Also won the Tour five times and would have made it six if that pesky team mate LeMond didn’t actually try to win it himself despite promises made by Hinault to help him. Retired a few months after I took up cycling in 1986 and claims to have hardly touched the bike since, but having watched him on the Tour every year since manhandling grumpy riders on the podium I think he’d still handle himself pretty well on a Dundee club run.

Hastie, Tony: Son of Mack, I first met Tony around the end of 1986 I believe. Always immaculately turned out, what he lacked in natural talent he made up for in determination and professionalism. His strive for cleanliness went so far that I remember seeing him in the back of Phil’s car in my parents’ driveway scrubbing a tiny almost invisible oil stain with that stuff some posh riders use for cleaning off their legs after races. People would say daft things like “Tony has less talent than [fill in the blank]” but truth be told he did more than almost all of these “could have beens”. 

Hastie, Mack (aka Crystal Cranks): TBD

Hoban, Barry (aka Harry Boban): Eight time stage winner in Tour de France. Quite a legend; even turned up at the end of a Dundee evening APR in late 1980s. Taunted with calls of ‘Harry Boban’ - probably unknowningly - by Kermode and Bomber during Sealink International in early 80s.

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