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Late 1980s


Most likely my best two years on the bike. I was very focused and looking back see that my whole life revolved round cycling and never more so than in 1988.

1988 Winter: Brewster's Party, Circuit Training, A Collection of Great Sunday Runs
1988 Spring: How to Finish a Road Race, Over-training anyone?, Barry Hoban woz here, Raleigh Banana, Lost in Paradise,Like Demons
1988 Summer: TBD
1988 Autumn: TBD
1989 Winter: TBD
1989 Spring: TBD
1989 Summer: The Big Event - The Tour of the Alps and the Job that Tom Organised!
1989 Autumn: TBD

1988 BCF Training Diary

I used a short hand notation for most of my fellow bike riders when writing the diary. The key is shown below. Click on names or on diary to begin at winter 1988. Next

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