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Merckx, Eddy: I became aware of the name when I saw a school mate riding an Eddy Merckx sports bike. Later I’d discover that Eddy was the greatest athlete of all time. Won 525 races during his professional career but never known to have won the Dundee Wheelers or Dundee Thistle evening APR series. Often a subject of discussion during club runs: “Did you know that Eddy Merckx could take a shite while riding the bike?” or “Christ, I almost crashed on that last bend, think I may have Eddy Skid-merckxed myself.” More info at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_Merckx


Middleton, Iain: Long time good mate of Jon Carter and mine who took part in many of our first tentative bike trips into the countryside behind Dundee, but did not have the interest to go as far as join a club. Iain rode some wacky bikes up and down those hills including a shopping bike. In the family garden shed was a rusting touring bicycle owned by his father. Inside the aging panniers we found much to our amusement a collection of rusting unopened beer cans... My respect for Iain’s old man increased significantly! Now that’s what I call being prepared.

Milne, David (aka DM, Danger Mouse): Tough little rider in the Broughty Velo CRT, one year younger than me but had been on the scene for a long time. 

Morris, Phil (aka Fraction Man): Phil is a little man with a big heart and was part of the Broughty Velo CRT from near the beginning. As a teenager he was honestly even smaller than he is now and rode a race bike with 24” wheels. Once upon a time at a Christmas lunch the guys took it apart for a laugh and gave it took him in a plastic bag. Phil left cycling just before I joined the Velo in 1986 though he’d make a short and memorable appearance a year later before finally being reborn a mountain biker in 1992 and then returning to the road in 1993. From then on Phil has remained a sound mate and we’ve had many, many great adventures together.

    Phil Morris in 1982
    Phil ‘Fraction Man’ Morris big ringing his 24” wheeled, single chain ring mini bike up Tullybaccart in the 1982 Dundee Wheelers TT Weekend

McCardy, Duncan (aka Dunc): Chased from club to club in Dundee because of his abrasive character, Dunc was still one of these guys that makes cycling great. He was passionate about the sport and that shone through even if it meant he was often threatening to punch people’s pusses. Legend has it that after a race in Aberdeen one evening, he ate seven fish suppers in Stonehaven on the way home. Sadly Dunc got Crohn’s disease (not because of the fish suppers I hope) and died young from this.

Michaux, Pierre and Ernest: Supposed inventors of the bicycle way back in 19th century. Not known to have assembled at the gates on Sunday morning for Dundee club run or to have had their new invention scrutinised by Jim Brewster in case they bought any parts from competing shop.

McCallum, David (aka Chuck, The Governor): abcde

Meldrum, Ogilvie: A Dundee High School chappy with access to too much money and not enough sense. Ordered a lo-pro TT machine from one Dundee bike shop only to have his irate mother cancel the order - the machine hung in the shop for years. Had his purchased elsewhere road bike uncermoniously dumped outside Peem’s shop one day... Best of all on a coaching weekend, the great Eddy Merckx beating Sid Barras told him that he was pushing too big a gear. His reply to a shocked Sid: “But I am bigger than you!” If Sid hadn’t come a cropper on the black ice a minute or so later then I think there may have been violence!

Miller, Robert: Famous Scot. Queen of the Mountains in the Tour de France 1984.

“Miami Steve”: Worked at DC Thomsons the year before I began (i.e. 1988) and was a good ‘tester’, once winning a 10 mile TT in his trainers after forgetting his bike shoes. Rode for the Dundee Wheelers. If you are Miami Steve or know his real name then please let me know!

McGowan, Dave (aka Big Dave): Soft spoken guy who kept himself to himself, though not known to have gone on any gun rampages and surprised his neighbours. Couldn’t climb for nuts but certainly could shift on the flat. Very dry sense of humour and was a big influence on the Dundee Thistle magazine ‘Gringo’ in the early 90s. Having said that was also responsible for the ‘real-time’ telling of the most boring story in history, spread over countless editions of Gringo: ‘My Tour 91’ which recounted basically everything for the two week Baxter cycling tours vacation. 17 years later I still can remember the bus driver ‘Tex’..

McFadgen, Derek: Very talented junior rider. For some reason rode for the Charles Star CC unlike the rest of the many Dundee juniors of the late 80s who either rode for BVCRT, Wheelers or Thistle. Also worked in Nicholson’s Cycle Center. Anyway he was pretty good if rather nuts. While riding the prestigious and tough 1988 Glen Tarkie 1/2/3/Junior category RR we noticed that he kept disappearing every so often up to the front of the bunch while the rest of us juniors loafed about at the back squirting water bottles at each others’ crotches. We all knew when we hit the big climb of Tarkie we were history. At the end of the day Derek won the King of the Mountains trophy. Exactly 10 years previously a certain Robert Millar had won the same trophy. For an instant we thought our mate may go the same route. Unfortunately he didn’t . . . or maybe fortunately given Robert is now called Phillipa York.

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