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Samson, Craig: Old school mate going way back to my first days in Dundee in 1976. More of a rugby man than a cyclist but got stuck into the sport at the end of 1986.

Sherwen, Paul: Gold mine owner and ex-pro that has lined up with Ligget for twenty odd years of cycling commentating. He won the British road title just before commentating on the 1987 race, but its the legendary stories of him crashing in the Tour several years earlier and struggling so hard for the rest of the stage that the officials let him stay in the race despite being way outside the elimination cutoff that stays in my head.

Shewan, Bill: abcdef

Scott, Walter (aka Wally): No not the poet but the enterprising young man who set up a bike shop (rather a lean-to) in an allotment on Brook Street, Broughty Ferry. There is a apartment complex there now but in its heyday Walter would repair a ton of crappy bikes and mend punctures. I worked there quite a bit during 1987 and would even receive the odd free lettuce. Spent much of my earnings on buying a second hand Raleigh with Reynolds 501 tubing from Walter - I trusted him so much I took it for a test ride to Nicholson’s Cycle Center! The nerve!.

Schlordt, Eric: Impressive little moustached Dundee rider. First saw him during reliablilities around 1987 when I was quietly told he was a professional! A grass track one but a pro never the less! When I rode away in the break of six in one event with him, well then I’d made it! Style and respect were important to Eric and he came down hard on younger riders who messed around. His slightly slurred voice still haunts me from one ride up a snow storm ridden Moulin Moors: riding on the front with Steve Cassels, we’d hear “Character building, lads. character building!” I’d had enough character for one day!

Stewart, John: Tough wee older guy who also ran the vicious and now possibly illegal ‘circuit training’ classes in the late 1980s. See here for more about this.


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