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Wylie, Lionel: The Dundee legend. In the 60s he was a Scottish time trial champion or record holder at distances from 10 miles to 12 hours (actually it may just be at 10 miles and 12 hours). However you’d never know it given his laid back approach to appearance of himself or his bikes and more importantly his modesty - you really need to drag the success stories out of him. He’d rather tell you about the record breaking dump he took after the 12 hour victory than the ride itself. 

Once in 2004 while driving through the Borders en route from Newcastle to Dundee, I recognized his ungainly style going up a hill, but couldn’t figure why he’d be 100 mile from Dundee. I said to my wife, that looked like Wylie. She said, “Who?” I said, “The Scottish 12-hour record holder!” She shook her head. I said, “Biggest dump...” She said, “Oh him!” No actually I made that last bit up. Anyway I turned around and it was Lionel. He rode from Dundee to England in one day then met his wife and they went hill walking. Superb.

Watson, Ian: Dundee rider now living on Oz.

Watson, Ian (aka Kojak): I’m not even sure I ever met this Broughty Velo CRT rider. From his nickname I knew he had a bald head and mostly he rode his bike with his wife who was supposedly scandalously younger than him.

Whittet, Craig: Talented, classy ride with the Broughty Velo in the late 1980s. Must have been about 14 when he joined. Very smooth but didn’t like it when once in awhile the going got beyond his talents, like the time when we went up Lumley Den in a full on blizzard. Actually no one liked that. I most remember Craig for his humour, pleasant character, tales of all the expensive cars his old man had (he was a car dealer), correctly predicting Roche to win the 1987 Worlds and ... when Colin Douglas crashed near Kirriemuir and landed on his face, everyone tried to keep things calm and tell Colin it would be okay despite him looking like he’d just had a role as a victim in a slasher movie. But young Craig couldn’t hold back and said, “Oh shit, Colin, it’s really bad!”

Wilson, Earle: Earle reappeared on the cycling scene in 1988 along with Tommy Knight. They were a few years older than me and made an impressive pair on the bike. By 1989 Earle was flying and with Tommy’s 40mph lead outs, once Earle chucked it in the 12 sprocket of his Raleigh 753 team replica with Campag Super Record 50 year anniversary groupset bike, he was guaranteed to be first through the ‘30s’. In the early 90s Earle switched to mountain biking and we did some great rides in the Sidlaws and Grampians. Then I didn’t see Earle for about 10 years until he turned up with Phil Morris, Andy Fenwick and Ian Darnell in 2003 for a bike holiday in the Vosges mountains in France. Done a few more holidays since and hopefully do many more in the future (actually in 3 weeks time on 4 April 2009 we’ll do the Tour of Flanders sportive - so I should actually get on with some training instead of writing this bumph).

Westerink, Jeroen: Jeroen had never ridden a hill more than 80 metres high before he joined 5 experienced British riders in the Ardennes in 2002. But he stuck in there okay on the road and with the British nonsense that passes for banter. He never returned for another bike holiday with us, but is still a good mate and once in awhile we get out on the flat roads of Holland for a blether.

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